4 Keys To Achieving Your New Resolutions

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Making a resolution is easy, but sticking to it can be difficult. You are going to need to a new level of discipline to keep your inner strength and determination burning. You will need to remain focused, positive, committed and optimistic.

The 4 keys below can really help you keep and make your resolutions come to alive:

1. Have an accountability partner. Some people make resolutions that they can make happen on their own. However, I have realised that having someone who can check on you and the progress you are making can make lots of different.

Many people find that sharing a resolution with their accountability partners make them more driven and focus towards getting the results they desire; knowing that someone is there to offer encouragement and support can really help and it can give you the reason to carry on.

Personally, I tend to work more harder and smarter to achieve the set goals, because I would not want to let myself  down and be seen as unreliable dreamer by my accountability partner.

With the support of your accountability partner, you can easily unleash the new ideas, new ways  or effective ways to make your resolution happens.

In fact, having your resolution shared among your friends can turn into a healthy competition.

2. Introduce a reward system to keep yourself motivated and focused. Every time you achieve a milestone or every day you move towards achieving your resolution, you should reward yourself. The reward doesn’t have to be big stuffs, but it should be something that you would really look forward to. We all like to be treated and having something to look forward to in life can really inspire you.

3. Remind yourself of the things you wanted to change in your life. Take a look back and remember the most important reasons why your new resolutions seem so important to you.

If you really wanted to lose weight, then you may have to put a picture of the kind of person you want to become on the fridge door. Take a look at that picture and remind yourself of that important resolution before grabbing that high calories snack.

4. Finally, don’t forget to keep track of your progress, it is really effective. If you have created a written plan, ticking off accomplished tasks should be easy.

Every time you reach your goal,  give yourself a huge pat on the back.

It’s time to get to work. Keep your BIG dream alive and make it happen. 🙂