About Olusegun Balogun

For 7 years now, Olusegun Balogun has been helping and teaching people how to build a real business online. This is Digital Marketing for real people. Not ‘make a million dollars overnight’ false promises, but the kind of business building blocks that can actually change your life.

Olusegun Balogun has helped over 5,000 small businesses and entrepreneurs over the past 7 years! His goal now is to help as many people as possible have that freedom and kiss the boss goodbye.

Today, he runs his internet business from home in the UK with focus to help people achieve their dreams. He enjoys internet marketing mainly for the total freedom that it provides.

He did not start successful in 2007 when he launched into marketing online. He spent months after months trying to figure out the basics, he struggled through 3 years of trial and error.

He tried all kinds of online business model out there and he made nothing, not even a dime. He bought software that promise results, load of products and even courses like you might have probably done. He struggled relentlessly to find something that worked; he struggled so much and bought so many products that he eventually found himself flat broke and more depressed than ever. He lived on his overdraft and credit card year in year out to the point that there was $0 balance left on his credit card

His life changed and everything changed very quickly when he created the WordPress plugin called WP Simplicity. Then he decided to launch it as a WSO on Warrior Forum. He didn’t know what happened, but the launch generated over $27,000 in sales in just few days. He was overwhelmed by the great feedback and reviews he was getting and he was out freaking out. The plugin was also awarded WSO of the Day.

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Since you made it here… I wanted to tell you.. I’m looking for highly qualified, highly motivated, highly determined entrepreneur seeking to get their butts kicked to the next level and become part of my next BIG Dream coaching program.

If you want to be part of the my brilliant-minded, success-driven one-on-one coaching program, then quickly apply here and I’ll review you’re application personally.

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Olusegun Balogun can tell you one thing… He taught he just got lucky. By this, He meant that he was lucky to make big success with his first product because making 5 figure income online was like an impossible mission. That was the turning point for him.

After the success of this product, then he realised he could just literally develop more products and make more money compared to what he was making from flipping websites. Then he started creating more products, he has been very fortunate to create marketing applications like; Crystal Theme, Commission Scroller, All in One Monetizer, Sales Automation Engine and many more…