Build Trust – The Secret To Repeated Customers & Long-Term Profits

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I believe there are three reasons people don’t buy; they either don’t want it, they don’t have the money, or they don’t believe you, which is going to be trust.

Assuming they want it and have the money, but they don’t trust you, then you don’t have a business.

Looking at the future and considering our world today, people are doing business with people they trust. Your customers want to know who they are dealing with, you need to be able to develop intimate relationship with your customers.

Rarely, most people are not going to buy at their first interaction unless they’re just in the heat of the moment but that’s most people. You need to develop the relationship between you and your prospects; give some cool and valuable stuff to them.

The objective here is to create bond and rapport until you get to the position where you don’t even have to actively sell. You literally alert your customers about your new products and they will willingly buy.

When someone buys from you, you have to realize that they have raised their hand and they have said; “I am very special, I am worth 1000 times as much as other freebie subscribers on your list”. You need to treat them special, you want to put a lot of time and attention into treating that person so well.

Put a lot more energy and show them you truly care about them. Tell them; “you’re special to me, what can I do to help you?” Begin a dialogue with them to the best of your ability and that’s really the most valuable way to build a responsive list and relationship with your customers.

You should be prepared to give the best you can to help people and be genuine to them. By building such relationship, you create another channel for your customers to spend more money with you, because they could see that you have genuine interest in helping them get results.

It’s okay to have an innovative way of generating new prospects into your business. However, if you provide enough value to your prospects and customers incrementally, the trust will grow and the desire for more products would grow exponentially. It’s not like you have to constantly re-establish the bond, you need to work on it and you have raving fans.

It’s really about creating raving fans really quickly and then turning that trust into sales repeatedly, to the point that they are waiting for you to release more stuffs. The hardest and the most expensive part of any business is getting new customers, so you want to maintain great credibility.

It is very important to meet your customers’ needs and keep meeting their needs, your marketing cost goes down and you’re able to really deliver your service at a deeper level.

When you position your business this way, you will not be perceived as a sales person, you will be a friend helping another friend out; and this is key to building a sustainable business online, where almost everything is done virtually. Your customers will really like you and will be waiting for what you are going to sell them next.