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What Exactly Is Lead Magnet And Why You Need One

I am going to explain what lead magnet is and exactly why you need one in your business. A lead magnet page can also be called a squeeze page or an optin page or a lead capturing system. It is a page where we give our prospects some value in exchange for their email addresses,

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Marketing Insight Into Making Money Today As An Affiliate Marketer

Let’s set this straight; you do not need your own product to get started online. In fact, you can start making money like literally today. Your offer can be someone else product which is well known as “affiliate product”. As an affiliate, you are paid a commission on each sale of someone else’s products or services. This is

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Value Creation – Making Customers Experience Your Core Success Factor

Have you ever thought about why people buy your products or hire your services? The simple answer is… they have needs. For few years in my business, I missed the point. I have always focused on if only I could take the money, that would be good. I figured out it was a wrong philosophy

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