Creating Impossible To Ignore Hooks

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Today, we are going to share Jason Fladlien’s view about how to create irresistible hooks.

This is the one thing that is just completely missing right now in a lot of people’s sales copy, in their marketing and in their products.

This is an axiom in my business:

Never Sell or Create Anything Unless it has a Hook

And that’s just more than your sales copy.

You shouldn’t create your product until you have a good hook or a way to enter the marketplace.

What is a Hook?

What am I talking about? Well what is a hook, let’s talk about that.

It is a claim that only you can make that you believe will grab the reader’s attention. Something you can offer that is beneficial to the reader that no-one else can offer.

Let me give you an example. I had a client that at one time paid me to do a critique on her sales letter. It was about saving money but it was a pretty weak appeal – here’s how you save money, cut back bills etc and it was very boring and bland. There were 3 benefits but I’d seen those benefits stressed over and over again before. I took a look through the copy and there was one sentence that stood out.

It was ‘This is how you can live above your means or make your friends think you are living above your means so you’re living a more extravagant lifestyle than them even though they make more money than you do”. And I thought “ooh!”  So what I said is this is the headline you need:

How to Live a $100,000 a Year Lifestyle on a $20,000 Salary!

See that’s a hook. That is something juicy and it grabs the reader and hooks them in – not the standard “how do you save, how to cut debts, yada yada yada”.

I had another client that I was coaching, a copywriting client. We were working on his headline about weight loss. In his copy he was explaining how you lose weight without having to diet and eat to your hearts content. He was trying to work in some of the elements that I was showing him. Examples of the type of thing he was creating was “How a nutrition Nerd…”, “How a (……) Nerd…” or How a Dietician Nerd…” and similar.

That’s one of the ways you can make it hook. But then I asked him if this appeal was something you’ve seen before? Have you seen people making claims similar to this – Lose Weight without Dieting and Eat to your Hearts Content? And he was like “Yeah!” And so I asked him “Well how did you really do it?” He had done it. What was your one thing? And he was said “It was EFT I used EFT” which is a Chinese technique for tapping at certain points in your body. It is supposed to help relieve energy. I asked him to tell me more about this EFT, this sounds interesting. He explained that there are 14 places you tap on your body.

Then I’m thinking BINGO!

I told him to make a headline that says “How I Lost 52 pounds in 6 months just by tapping on 14 Spots on my body, twice (or once) a day”.

THAT is a hook, people have never seen something like that before, that’s going to grab their attention and pull them in. Wow, tapping on your body, huh, I never heard about that, let me see what that’s all about.

So it’s a claim that only you can make that nobody else is making that you make first that you believe will grab the readers’ attention. Something you can offer that is of benefit to the reader that nobody else can offer.

Why Do You Want to Create Hooks?

It’s very simple. This is what’s going to be able to get attention; your ad is worthless if it doesn’t get read. The way it gets read is you hook them and bring them in. This is going to be the biggest change you can make in your product creations. Create products ONLY with hooks; write sales letters ONLY with hooks.

I don’t create how to make money with affiliate marketing as a product. Boring! When I created my affiliate product it was “How a Former Monk Went from Zero to Fifty Thousand Dollars in Six Months Using Simple Internet Tactics that anybody can Use”.

So it this case the hook was me, a Monk. If a freaking Monk can do it, anybody can do it! That’s a good hook because it grabs them and pulls people in. At the very least they want to read the story. They think “OK well wait a minute”. Then there’s a picture of me underneath that when I was a Monk so I was legitimising it because it was so outlandish – but it pulled people in. That’s a hook.