My 4 Failure-Proof Keys To Achieving Anything

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In the video below, I shared 4 failure-proof keys that I’m currently practising in my life right now and it’s really changing things.

I reviewed these 4 success factors below. So, let’s get started…

#1: Your Reasons

If you’ve got a goal that you are looking to achieve fast, it is very important to define the reason why you want the goal.

Writing out your reasons will really energize you, prompt you to get things done even when you are tired. If the reasons are big even, you can’t afford to fail.

I personally have a journal, where I write my reasons for each goal I am working on at different stages of my life.

My reasons are really helping me right now to get things done. Every time I wake up and read through my reasons, I sit myself down and get the job done, which is very good.

#2:  Set Your Goals

You need to write your goals, where you can see them every day.

You can have them written and pasted on your fridge or if you’ve got a journal just I do, you can write them on your journal.

The most important aspect of this exercise is, you want to be sure you can see your goal every single day, that’s very important.

When writing down your goals, you need to break it down into steps or something I will call milestone. Itemize them if necessary.

#3: Set Your Deadline

Every goal should have a deadline. I understand there are short-term and long-term goals. However, it is important to have a yardstick for progress tracking whether you are working on short-term or long-term goals.

Setting deadlines help you check the balance of your goals against your progress. I have studied most people around me and realized that most people tend to get things done faster when they know they are running out of time.

I tend to attach sense of urgency now to whatever goal I am trying to achieve because every second that goes by, I’m running out time. Setting deadlines help me measure my performance over the time; I can actually tell how much I’ve accomplished, what I need to do next and then allocate the time left the remaining tasks I need to get done.

The question is… is it not nice to achieve your goal or goals within reasonable time? Sure, it gives great sense of accomplishment and it shows you are serious too.

#4:  Get An Accountability Manager

How is it to have someone who is there to find out what you have accomplished for the day?

Imagine telling your accountability manager that you’ve done anything for the day. I guess that shows the level of your seriousness.

I am sure you would not want to look bad. For the fact that you have someone who will check your daily, weekly or monthly progress, you will be prompted to get into action, even when you don’t feel like working on your goals.

When you have that kind of arrangement in place, I can guarantee you will achieve your goal

faster than ever.

These 4 success models are really working for me and I’m really excited with what I’m doing my life right now, which is super awesome.

It’s time to work on all those big dreams that you want to achieve, start working on them now; there is no better time than now. Write your reasons down, set your goals, set your deadlines and assign an accountability manager.

Let’s make it happen 🙂