Phew! Finally Making Things Happen

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This is super exciting. There’s nothing impossible.

I finally have the guts to record my first video. I waited these long years to kick-start my passion, but eventually gathered the courage to make it happen.

I believe there’s no limitation, except the ones we place on ourselves. I was a victim (My hands up).

Below is my first ever video to be published to the public. The honest truth is… I never recorded one for my private view.

I believe, it can only get better going forward.

Well, my advice is… you can achieve anything you want in the world, provided you are willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

I knew I should be recording videos, but I never did it. I did not give myself enough reasons to make it happen regardless of what my first video might look like.

I eventually recorded this video using my laptop; no fancy camera and no special studio lightning. I simply used the built-in web cam on my laptop.

What if I told you that the microphone I used for the recording was bought in 2011?

I intended to start recording my own videos since I attended Armand Morin marketing seminar in London in December 2011, but I allowed self-limiting beliefs and procrastination to rule my passion for over 6 years (wow! That’s just unbelievable).

Now, it’s time to fly and reach out for those dreams that I have left on “One-Day” island years ago, and bring them back to live.

So, if there’s something you should be doing right now or long before now, don’t wait any longer. Just Do It (I remember that for Nike, but it fits in here too!).

Play your part, you only live once. Give it your best shot. Don’t let it be said that you did not play, make an impact.

The people that are meant to benefit from that book you should have written, that support group you have been given to start, that environmental friendly system you are meant to develop, that this, that that… (pardon me) are still waiting for you, don’t keep them too long.

Now is the best! Get going…

I will like to hear from you, leave me your comments below, watch my video and share with your friends.

I need your encouragement… Let’s do this 🙂