Setting Up Sales Funnel System In A Way Customers Love

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One of the ways to increase profits in your business is to have an automated sales funnel system.

A sale funnel system is an engine within the art of your business that converts traffic into subscribers, then converts those subscribers into customers, who spend more money again and again on products that increase in price and value. So, you literally pour traffic into your funnel and money drops at the bottom.

Having a sales funnel process can drastically increase your value per customer.

I remember when we initially launched Sales Automation Engine, we did just over $17,000 in sales.

Then what happened was… We put together a sales process that was really refined and we relaunched Sales Automation Engine using this refined sales funnel system. The result was incredible. We generated over $73,000 in sales in just 2 weeks. That was over 4 times the sales we initially made.

That was when I took having a sales funnel system more serious in my business, it was a game changer. My customer value per sale significantly went up. i.e, my customers spent more money with me.

However, structuring your sales funnel the right and automated way can make a huge difference in how your business turn out in the long run.

My honest opinion is to have an automated sales system that sells your products to your customers over time as they remain as  subscribers or customers on your list, not showing them 5 products all at once.

I have seen product launches where the customers who bought the front-end offer are shown 5 upsells (that’s 5 different products) all in a go.

I am actually guilty of this, I have done something like that in the past. I have received feedback from my customers, who advised that presenting multiple products to them all at once is annoying, it makes them feel like the seller is just out there for money, not for their interests. Also, it makes the customers feel that the front-end offer you sold to them is good enough and it would require other products or systems to make it work.

Some people feel it’s a way of  saying to them; “please buy every product you want to buy today because I know you probably wouldn’t want to come back or you probably wouldn’t want to buy from me anymore”.

I have found out that the best way to sell more products to your customers is to have an automated sales funnel that introduces your customers to the new products over time.

To build a sustainable online business, you want your customer to buy from you over and over again. Your ultimate goal is to build a good relationship with your customers, provide values and communicate with them regularly. This builds some sort of connection between you and your customers, so when you offer them another product in the future, even at higher price than what initially invested with you, they would probably buy from you because they have got to know you and trust you over the time.

No that they who you are and you have built credibility for yourself, it would become easier to sell more products to your customers without them feeling they are been sold.

This is how to actually scale up your business. Now, you can sell them more products that increase in value and the increase in price. In fact, when you structure your sales system this way, you might be surprised to see your customers raising up their hands, requesting for help without you asking them to work with you.

So, structure your sales funnel in such a way that sells your product over time, not all at once; focus on delivering incremental value from the time your customers buy your first product, build rapport and strong relationship with them and selling them more products in the future will become more easier. You can increase profits in your business and at the same time build good credibility for yourself just  by doing things this way and your customers will love you for life.