The Overachiever Method To Creating A Product Funnel Fast

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A lot of people can’t make this work but some beginners who are go-getters can and this is how it works.  You want to create the big package first, the $97 product where it’s just all-encompassing.  If you’re a person who’s very good at creating content, this is the strategy you want to use.

You create this massive product that contains a ton of stuff in it and then when you’re done you already have the big, back end package, and then you splinter off several small, little packages in front of that and you can sell those on their own.  So you make three, cheap front-end products that you can offer for a really good deal.  They’re like 7, 17 bucks, 27 bucks, whatever and then you upsell them to that back end product.

But before you do that, create a lead generation product also out of that massive back end product.  This is something you give away for free.  So make that really skimpy.  It could be 10 or 15 pages.  Give them a little bit or good information, but wet their appetite to get more.  So they sign up for the lead generation product.  Then they’re upsold to one of your 3 front-end products, and then you sell them on the back end, the massive package that has everything.

And so that’s the simple formula.  Drive traffic to the squeeze page, sell front-end products.  Those who buy, upsell them to the back end product.  So once they’re on your list, you could sell them a couple front-end products before you sell them the massive back end products.  Basically how it works is every time they buy the front-end product, you upsell them on the massive package on the back end.  And this is cool because you really only have to create one product and then spend a day just figuring out ways to chop it up and to create tiny, smaller front-end products out of that one lead generation giveaway product from it.  Then you’re good to go.

So that’s it.  Those are the models.  It’s not rocket science because it’s not supposed to be.  It’s just about doing the fundamentals really well.  So put this to use and profit from it.