Unsexy Way To Start Making Money Online Fast

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I want to address an important issue today. It is going to be about how and when money is being made. The reality is… to make money online, you need to be selling a product your targeted prospects want to buy or a service that they desperately need. This principle applies to offline businesses as well.

Let me set this straight. Most people do not want to do the work, but walk the walk (what does that mean?). Well, you can’t make money by buying new products, acquiring more online courses, downloading new ebooks. Also, you can’t make money by maintaining 100% attendance rate at all webinars in town.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay to acquire the knowledge and skills required to run your own business, it’s good to learn how things works. However, you must balance things out.

You can’t learn all day without making provision to implement or launch those ideas and skills you have learnt from the training or the courses. Acquiring more information would not do it.

Let’s put things into perspective, the best practice is go into action after you’ve gone through the course. Let’s say your objective is to create your first launch-able product or your own membership site. You should ignore all distractions after learning the process and just put your own product together right away.

I receive loads of emails in my inbox from different marketers every day. The subject lines of majority of them are so tempting that I feel like clicking on them before actually receiving the emails (so appealing).  Whilst I understand it is important to stay on top of the trend in your industry, by ensuring you are aware of the new working strategies. At the same time, you need to learn how to manage distractions. One best way I deal with that is by having a well-planned day. I stayed focus on only what I plan to do at very point in time (No doubt, it is very challenging).

You need to be a key player in the field, not a spectator. You need to start creating your own products, you need to write those email sequences for your subscribers, you need to build your own sales funnel, start practising those graphics or programming skills; whatever you have set to do to contribute values.

You only make money when you implement what you’ve learned and offered it to the marketplace… that’s my golden advice. Follow your passion and make it happen. Be dedicated… persist and promise yourself to do whatever it takes to put your own working system together; products and services other will be craving to deposit money into your bank account.

Choose a business model you love, learn what is necessary and required, then zoom into action. Don’t be cut up for too long in buying the latest courses out there. You can only make money by selling products or offering services.

That’s my advice for today. There’s no better time to get it done than now.  So, do it now and I look forward to your comment.