Value Creation – Making Customers Experience Your Core Success Factor

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Have you ever thought about why people buy your products or hire your services?

The simple answer is… they have needs.

For few years in my business, I missed the point. I have always focused on if only I could take the money, that would be good. I figured out it was a wrong philosophy to have in business. When I finally discovered the key to retaining more customers and gaining more referrals, it revolutionized my business.

Customers are always looking for solutions that will save them time, save them money or make them more money. And to be able to retain customers, you must have the capacity to meet those needs and serve them well.

It’s not just about providing the solutions to the problems your customers might have, you must make them feel like they have ripped you off, yeah that’s right.

In the complex overwhelming competitive era we are right now, you constantly need to think of how you can provide more values to your customers much more than what they pay you.

One of the principles to gaining larger market share in your niche market is to wow your customers i.e. exceed their expectations. Do you think they are going to remember getting a product or service worth $1,000 from you for $100? The answer is… Of course!

With the recent shift in marketing trend, where the traditional marketing channels have been pushed into almost non-existence by word of mouth marketing, your customers will be the advocates for your business; telling every on social media platforms such as; Facebook, Instagram and Twitter how good you are in terms of treating your customers well.

Providing more values to the customers than what they pay for is the new currency in the new competitive world. It can be the different between staying in business with healthy turnover and running out of business.

You should always be looking for a way to exceed the expectations of your customers and the money will follow. Remember Zig Ziglar quote; “You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want”. You might be amazed to know that this applies to business as well, not just life.

You are not the only provider of the service you are currently offering to the market, same way you are not the only manufacturer of your products. So, make value creation a core goal for your online or offline business and you will be amazed by how much successful your business will become.