What Exactly Is Lead Magnet And Why You Need One

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I am going to explain what lead magnet is and exactly why you need one in your business.

A lead magnet page can also be called a squeeze page or an optin page or a lead capturing system. It is a page where we give our prospects some value in exchange for their email addresses, it’s like giving away an ethical bribe. We use a lead magnet to attract our target audience to a simple one-page website where we can offer them an ethical bribe.

This page serves as lead capturing tool, a page where we send all our traffic to. If you are sending traffic just to a sales page, around 95 percent of traffic that lands on a sales page will leave and not take action. With our lead magnet page, we capture those traffic and we can follow up with them over and over again as long as they remain in our business.

The reason why we do this is because having an email list of targeted prospects is critically important to building a sustainable business. In fact, an email list is actually the life blood of our information business. You may have heard this term over and over again; “the money is in the list”. Well, the money is in the list but the money is actually in the value in the list, so we’re building a list of subscribers.

Another reason why lead magnet is a critical component of your information business is, it can initiate the trust based relationship with your prospect. The lead magnet page is the first place where we get to build rapport and that’s the first place where your target audience actually get to start knowing you. So, you want to make sure it builds that long lasting impression and relationship.

You must be offering your prospects something very valuable that actually helps them solve some kind of pain, which they are looking to resolve immediately. It should provide answers or solutions to some kind of problems prospects in your marketplace need help with.

Your lead magnet page must clearly present value proposition and it’s got to be irresistible; that’s how valuable it should be. Your prospect should know very quickly what it is that they’re going to get, why should they optin, why should they give you their email address or what values we are going to provide for them.

You can give away an e-book, video training series or even a case study. You can even have different kind of lead magnets hook in your business depending on your niche market.

To summarize this, we use a lead magnet to capture email addresses and build a list of subscribers because our subscribers are our business. We simply drive traffic to the lead magnet page and we capture that traffic; they give us their email address and we send them some valuable information, which enables them to start trusting that we can provide solutions to whatever problem they might have.